why this blog?

Today I finally decided, after a dose of sound advice over coffee, that it was time to get my ideas out there. And so tonight, long past my bedtime, I am delighted to join the growing community of bloggers.

What is the subject of the blog you might be wondering? Good question.

Communication, in the broadest possible sense, will be the thread that ties these ideas together. It’s a seemingly simple thing, but if you really think about it, communication is everything. It allows us to interact: to teach, to learn, to express ourselves, to love, to inspire… the list just keeps on going. As I understand it, communication is everything from your sense of style and your body language, to your choice of words and presentation skills. It is cultural, it is complicated, and I find it fascinating.

raccoon: whaaaaaa?

interagia, the name of this blog, is the Esperanto translation of ‘interact’ (with an ‘a’ added to the end for good measure). As I learned this evening, Esperanto is a language that was specifically constructed, back in 1887, for communication between people from different nations who do not share common native languages. The aim was to create an easy-to-learn and politically neutral language that transcends nationality and fosters peace and understanding between people with different languages. I’m not sure it worked, but it was a blog-title-worthy concept I figured.

It is not the prospect of pretty posts, but the process of blogging that excites me – as a way to interact with people, to bounce around ideas and to be inspired by the creative masses. So join me if you dare, as I do my utmost using words, photos, videos and whatever else I can find to communicate my thoughts about communication.|||



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