about me

Most people have a title or description that they associate with, an academic department they belong in or a speciality. I’m more of a generalist – dabbling at many different things under many different guises, but not really a specialist at any one of them. I like to challenge the boundaries that separate different approaches and ideas, and I like to find connections between seemingly different things and between people.

If I were a blog, I’d use these tags to describe me:

| mom | environmentalist | communicator | researcher | optimist | skeptic | athlete | traveler | friend |

It’s not the final outcome that interests me, but the process along the way. That’s what really matters.

I have always considered blogging to be a self-indulgent passtime, but here I am giving it a go. I suppose some additional tags could be:

| analytical | feisty | stubborn | walking contradiction |

I don’t mind if nobody reads these ideas, I’m just happy to use my keyboard to think them through properly and get them out of my head. If anyone has an opinion about them, bonus. |||


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